Designed for transfemoral and transtibial amputees as well as individuals with agenesis, the Cover coats and protects the lower limb prostheses. Elegant and convenient, it restores balance with the sound leg volume while protecting the prosthetic components from the daily wear and tear…

A cutting-edge technology featuring ultra-robust components

Leveraging a parametric design tool called AAD (Algorithm-Aided Design) combining a 3D design process with a specific algorithm, prosthetic covers are digitally crafted based on the physical data of each person. The chosen material, a thermoplastic polymer used to produce car bumpers, confers prosthetic covers a high degree of resilience.

Convenient and easy to install

Equipped with 2 straps made of extensible polyurethane, the fastening system prevents the Cover from sliding over or rotating around the prosthesis. This optimal feature allows you to swap Covers very easily at different times of the day while providing a simple access to the prosthetic components (USB port, batteries). Besides, the vinyl coating improves the overall resilience of the prosthesis while facilitating the cleaning and upkeep of the Cover.

Key benefits for people wearing aids

The Cover protects the prosthesis while restoring balance with the sound leg volume. Lightweight less than 500 grams, the prosthetic cover delivers an elegant and trendy fashion accessory. Offering a real symbiosis, it transfigures the prosthesis and heightens self-esteem.

Improved medical service from health professionals

The prosthetic cover offers a stylish alternative to patients frustrated by the “cosmetic effects” usually intended for people wearing aids. During daily activities, prosthetic components benefit from an improved protection against potential chocks and impacts. As a matter of fact, the prosthetic cover takes hold as a distinctive tool to help multidisciplinary medical teams in assisting people wearing aids.

Blending attractive design and advanced functionality, each prosthetic cover is thoroughly crafted with individuality in mind to offer a perfect fit for the lower limb prosthesis.