The Cover Studio Paris® is a French design studio dedicated to the cosmetic and above all artistic covering of prostheses for people wearing aids.

Founded in 2017 by Thibault Granier, The Cover Studio Paris® emerged from a strong intent to share his extensive experience as a designer for the benefit of men and women looking to reassert their identity and distinctiveness.

Convinced that personalization allows to express its creativity,The Cover Studio Paris® creates a range of esthetic and accessible prosthesis dressing, considered as fashion accessories.

Although medical devices for people with hearing aids have undergone extraordinary functional evolutions in recent years, in particular by resorting to high technologies in the search for optimal comfort, aesthetics has simply been sacrificed. The overly rational aspect of the prostheses in their search for efficiency confronts the persons with the image of a mechanical limb.

Covers conceal the prostheses under a cosmetic and most importantly fashionable casing !

Within the studio, a team of passionate designers, engineers and graphic artists shapes Covers that match your style !

Leverage your difference as a virtue! Such is the primary principle of a community increasingly claiming its history.The Cover Studio Paris® takes up this statement and is set on supporting this community in asserting itself with pride. To change the look in people’s eyes !

Each person is unique and The Cover Studio Paris® helps people reveal their individuality through the next generation of cosmetic and above all artistic coverings for limb prostheses.